Megastar Products are pioneers in manufacturing high quality labels suited for various applications using a combination of flexo and offset printing technology with on-line cutting facilities. With the initial start of catering to Pharmaceutical and FMCG markets, we are foraying into the Beer, Liquor and Lubricants markets.

Beverage Labels

At Megastar Products Pvt Ltd, we are printers of customized wine, water and beverage labels. It comes down to pushing the limits of our technology and our creative abilities. Our clients don't want yesterday's label ideas. They look to us to help them create tomorrow's labels for:

  • Wine and spirit labels
  • Beverage labels
  • Beer labels
  • Water bottle labels

Food Label

At Megastar Products Pvt Ltd we understand that today's consumer spends considerable time comparison-shopping before making the decision to buy. They demand to know more about your product so they can make the right choice.Plus industry and governmental regulations require nutritional and ingredient information to be completely legible on all products. All of which places a lot of responsibility on food labels.

Beyond getting the third degree at the supermarket, customized food labels undergo abuse in the home such as freezing, moisture and heat. If your food product label can't take the heat – your brand may not make it back to the kitchen. Megastar Products manufactures high grade Labels which are durable and attractive labels for any food product including:

  • Baked goods
  • Cheese and dairy products
  • Cooking oils
  • Health foods
  • Meat products
  • Pasta
  • Processed foods
  • Produce
  • Promotional products
  • Private label brands
  • Sauces

Household Product Label

At Megastar Products Pvt Ltd, we manufacture label for household products such as detergents, cleaners, pesticides and plant food must be emotionally appealing at shelf level to make it into the shopping cart and your customers' homes. But once at home, your products will go through heavy use and excessive handling. In many cases, the label will come in contact with the package contents, which may contain corrosive elements.

With so much valuable information on the label like instructions for use, cautions and first aid directions, and disposal guidelines, it's critically important that custom package labels are able to stand up to the environment that they will be used in. The sheer understanding of this phenomenon makes Megastar Products Pvt Ltd a one stop solution for your Labelling needs.

Personal Care, Health and Beauty Labels

Having secured large scale supply contracts with leading FMCG companies world over, at Megastar Products Pvt Ltd we understand the retail world of personal care products is a highly competitive one. Purchasing decisions at store level are often made on the emotional connection one has with the product – and that connection starts with the label.

Does the label resonate with the customer? Is it conveying the right promise to the person who will be using it? What's more, quality control is of great importance which printing labels for the industry which is moved by Packaging and its labelling.

Automotive, Petrochemical and Paint Labels

In the industrial world, there's no room for delicate labels. Whether it's for automotive products, petrochemicals or paint, the custom printed label has to be up to the challenge. After all, it will be exposed to extreme temperatures, sunlight, chemicals, moisture, dirt, and water. And with so much valuable information on the label like instructions for use, cautions and first aid directions, and disposal guidelines, it's critically important that these labels stay intact and readable for the life of the product.

Megastar Products Pvt Ltd is a leading printer for petrochemical and paint labels. We understand that custom labels for industrial, automotive, petrochemical and paint products must do two things: stand out in the crowd and stand up to anything. We also recognize that label printing costs are an important consideration.

We can help your product be an on-shelf standout with many decorative options and printing techniques.

Pharmaceutical Medical Labels and Health Labels

Government agencies have imposed stringent regulations on the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry. These regulations in turn create unique manufacturing requirements for the label producer to follow Good Manufacturing Practices with quality control and security a priority at every stage – protocols that Megastar Products Pvt Ltd has implemented.

In addition to regulatory requirements, there is the need for cost-effective printing of multiple SKUs . At Megastar Products Pvt Ltd, we can meet your exacting standards for all medical and health labels including:

  • Over-the-counter (OTC) pharmaceutical medications
  • Nutraceutical products
  • Vitamins and supplements

Customized Promotion and Prize Labels

Attracting customers and keeping them is a constant challenge for most product and food manufacturers. Many manufacturers are turning to promotional incentives to help them gain – and hold on to - market share.

Promotional labels play an important role in the success of promotion campaigns. They help to engage customers and encourage them to take advantage of a coupon, try a recipe or play a game for a chance to win a prize. Promotional labels must be as innovative as the promotional incentive itself, with the ability to affix not only to on-shelf products but other products such as coffee cups, meal boxes or carrying bags. Promotion labels can include:

  • Game pieces and sweepstakes
  • Peel-off IRC coupons
  • Pin to win cards
  • Expanded content labels – booklet-type labels
  • Labels with recipes
  • Cross sell promotions

Other types of labels

The uses for labels can be endless, with the only limit being one's imagination. If you need to communicate information on a unique substrate that goes beyond the traditional realm of label applications, we have the technology and the forward thinking to make it happen for you.